Informationsabend (in englischer Sprache): "Krieg zwischen Indien und Pakistan - Konfrontation zweier Atommächte" mit Shankar Narayanan, indischer Friedensaktivist


Mittwoch, 26.06.2002 19.00 Uhr

Neue Uni, Hörsaal 9

War and danger of Nuclear war between India and Pakistan

Three weeks back war between India and Pakistan seemed imminent with great danger of a nuclear war, threatening genocide many times bigger then at Hiroshima-Nagasaki. While the war does not seem imminent at this moment tensions run very high between the two states. More then a million troops are massed on the border with the armed forces of both states still on high alert. There is so called low intensity warfare going on continually . Every other day they make mortar and artillery attacks on each other across the border. Thousands of people living in the border areas on both sides have been forced to find refuge elsewhere. Kashmir remains a battleground between the two states.It is possibly one of the most militarised regions in the world. Any 'terror' attack in Kashmir or elsewhere in India or if any event happens where the two states blame each other, any of this can make war and possible nuclear war imminent again. There are powerful forces in both countries who are pushing for a full scale war and nuclear war. So war is still very much on the horizon.

The policies of United States/Western Powers/NATO , their 'Operation Enduring Freedom '(which is nothing but 'Operation Permanent Terror'), their war in Afghanistan and their global agenda, have disturbed the delicate balance in the South Asian region and are thus also responsible for this war situation between India and Pakistan. They are also selling military hardware/weapons on a big scale in the region and making profits out of the war situation as well.United States especially is increasing its power in this region.

So we invite everybody who is for Global Peace, Global Nuclear Disarmament and Peace in South Asia to come to the info-discussion evening to exchange ideas and explore the possiblility of making actions in this direction.

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