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    Freitag, 18.07.2014
    18.00 Uhr
    [M]Neue Uni, Uniplatz

    Who would have thought it? VASUH is ten years up. For sure we will celebrate it and it´s gonna be awesome. We will start with the official celebration on friday, 18th day of July 2014 @ 18:00. Our honorable guests, friends, partners will be there. We invite all african students of the University of Heidelberg as well as german and other students to be part of it.

    On Saturday, the 19th we are having Africa Cup. 8 teams or more will fight for the trophee and for sure, the best will win it. You don´t wanna miss all this. Our players come from all over the world, and they will show you live, what the World Cup in Brazil fails to show you.

    The night of it is the great celebration. Party for and with friends. Of course everybody is our friend :)

    Note: Friday, 18th July: Neue Aula, HS 01, heidelberg University.

    Saturday, 19th July: Football INF 700. - Be there to know where the party is taking place ;) We are looking ahead to greeting you there. Best regards VASUH-Team

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