The American Express -- ein Musical der Theatergruppe des Anglistischen Seminars

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Donnerstag, 31.01.2002 20.00 Uhr

Romanischer Keller

Dear Friends of the English Drama Group!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming production of ...

'The American Express' A Musical Run Through American History & Culture

This highly anticipated new musical follows 510 years of American history, starting (by mere chance) in 1492 and leading up to the present day. It will be presented via a joint lecture by two of America's most promising new voices: William Forrester and Oliver Bell, this year's visiting professors from the world-renowned Stanford University. The material that was gathered to accompany their lecture ranges from scenes by Tennesse Williams and Nobel Prize winner Eugene O'Neill to songs by Alan Menken and the legendary Stephen Sondheim. In addition to this exclusive group of artists, we also wrote a few scenes ourselves. Our distinguished cast and production team includes the talents of, respectively -

Oliver Abel David Oesch Kerstin Dohrmann Annika Renker Johannes Eichhorn Felix Rieckmann Jan Patrick Faatz Miriam Weiss Sarah Förster Nadine Ziegler

Moreover, we are delighted to have assembled a number of highly creative individuals to assist us with both scenic and lighting design. The musical will have its world premiere on Thursday, January 31 at the Romanischer Keller Heidelberg, followed by performances on February 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9. Tickets are EUR 8 (6) and can be reserved via our e-mail service at While the regular ticket sale will not start before January 14, you have the unique opportunity of reserving tickets right now using E-Mail. We very much recommend this option since only a limited number of tickets are available and many of us lost close friends last year who failed to grab a ticket for our production of 'Little Shop of Horrors'. Performances begin at 8 pm sharp, and reserved tickets can either be picked up from our ticket booth at the seminar (open weekdays around noon) or (at the latest!) 7.30 pm at the theater. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Romanische Keller!

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