Die English Theatre Group spielt "Romeo and Juliet"

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    Samstag, 06.07.2002
    20.00 Uhr
    Theater im Romanischen Keller, Seminarstraße 3 (Ecke Kettengasse)

    This stirring, hotblooded romantic comedy comes from a true newcomer, yet his plays already compete on both Broadway and West End with the likes of brilliant writers such as Sam Shepard or Humbert Rosenfeld. His name - William Shakespeare - is one to remember: critics call him 'the smirkiest crime writer of the new millennium' (Ben Brantley) or 'the burning toast of the town' (Harold Bloom). He is the author of a few schmaltzy yet poignant sonnets (a post-postmodern vogue from Italy) and an underrated Scandinavian lament about a royal lunatic; yet his true mastery is at full force during the 'two hours traffic' of his latest effort. It is a witty, exuberant and joyful romance about sex and punishment, about crime and the latest fashion in biotech, the crossing of stars.

    -- Eintritt 8.50/6.50 Euro

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